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The "CRAZY" Idea

The untold story of Reminisce, the brand Mark created in 5 Minutes that now brings thousands of music fans together worldwide...

6 Reasons to read

#1 Prove It To Yourself

What’s your 'crazy' idea? There’s never been a better time to prove to yourself, and to the world, that you can pull it off.

#4 Build Your Online Empire

All online empires are built on the foundation of the remarkable website, huge email database & vibing social media fan bases. Finish 5 Minute Business armed with all 3.

#2 Create A Lifelong Asset

Turn that 'crazy' idea into an outrageously profitable lifelong asset, without breaking the bank to get there.

#5 Earn Back Your Time

Your biggest obstacle is time. This book allows you to free yourself up, so you don’t have to stop your life to start your business.

#3 Become An Influencer

Get invited to the biggest industry events, get massive amounts of media attention and have influential people begging to do business with you.

#6 Ignite Your Passion

You weren’t put on this earth to spend 8 hours a day doing things you don’t want to do. Take your life back, live your passion and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

What you will discover

  • Hear the untold story of ‘Reminisce’ – How Mark transformed a friends crazy idea into an online business in 5 minutes.
  • Discover Mark’s proven method to get your product in front of 250,000 targeted buyers for free (he used it to launch Reminisce).
  • Mark reveals his simple technique for networking yourself into the inner circle of any industry.
  • Find out why the day you were born you were set up to fail, and the one thing you need to do to break completely out of that mould.
  • Pick up the tools for getting a $50,000 ‘brick fortress’ website built for you for $137 then discover why most people pay $10,000 for a ‘straw hut’.
  • Have a world class graphic designer create you a logo for $200 without them even knowing it by following 6 simple steps.
  • Pick up the tools required to market your product so you literally have NO COMPETITION.
  • How to use the 6 ‘Influence’ triggers to increase your sales by 57%.
  • Discover how to get 1000’s of email subscribers in 1 month by using a technique that stops people from unsubscribing after they receive your offer.
  • Reach 50x the amount of Fans you have on Facebook without spending a cent.
  • How to increase your click throughs on social media by 100% by using the ‘AVA Method’.
  • Increase traffic to your new website by 50% with a simple change to the way you share links on Facebook.
  • Follow the step by step plan for starting your 5 Minute Business on the side, then smoothly transitioning out of your 9-5 once you’re earning more than your current wage.
  • How to overcome the 6 deadly mistakes that 93% of people of people make when starting their own online business.

PLUS: Receive a freshly added bonus to the 5 Minute Business Video Vault, containing a 'hidden chapter', the 6 step system to building Viral Growth into your products.

Sneak preview

Take a peek inside 5 Minute Business and discover why it’s been downloaded over 42,000 times on Kindle with a 5 star rating.


A little word of warning before jumping into the book: these next few pages may uncover a few home truths for you. These are home truths that most people in this world never face because fear subdues them. They may hurt your brain, they may resonate with you and you might even be able to see yourself slipping into these traps. You may already be in one of these traps. Well, don’t worry, this book is designed to get you thinking about these traps by identifying them, then showing you how to avoid or escape them.

These first few pages are essential, as they will give you a deeper understanding of where the principles outlined in this book are coming from.

Those who know me well know that I hate the idea of the 9 to 5 life model. I experienced it for six years and that was enough for me. To me it is modern-day slavery. You are programmed from an early age that going into debt young and spending every cent you have to buy your own house is a successful life – the dream. What you are not informed about with this ‘success’ model is that when you do buy your own home, you are locking yourself into a debt that requires a monthly payment, not to mention all the other expenses and responsibilities that come with owning a home. In order to pay off this debt you have to work for the next 30 years of your life.

There is a fundamental problem with this ‘success’ model because it drives fear. You now have a mortgage payment to worry about; you can’t possibly leave your ‘secure’ job because of a monthly payment you need to make hanging over your head. You now realise most of your disposable income is accounted for.

What happens now? What happens is that any spare money you do have you spend on things you don’t need because you are bombarded with slick advertising that makes you feel like you must have the latest gadget or designer fashion. Clever marketers know just how your brain works and can convince you psychologically that you need to have products to make yourself feel better. This in turn creates scarcity. This fear and scarcity combined activates all types of nasty behavioural changes.

Fear and his brother, scarcity, although closely connected, are just a couple of drivers of the primitive and emotional areas of the brain also known as the ‘R-Complex and Limbic System of the Triune Brain’. These are the lower areas of your brain. The higher area of your brain that you need to be using as much as possible is called the ‘Neo-Cortex’. If you are interested in reading more about parts of the Triune Brain and the way it affects us in certain situations, read neurophysicist Paul MacLean’s research into the three levels of our brain.

Activating those two lower areas of your brain means you lose creativity, your motivation to achieve and it also causes you to make bad decisions. You are also much more concerned about reproduction and social dominance because these parts of the brain drive basic primitive needs. What this does is create many of the conflicts that we have in social situations – at times I think we may as well have silverback gorillas wandering around the community. You are in fight or flight mode because subconsciously you feel like you are under threat. This is because there is a constant underlying feeling in the back of your mind of not having enough.

Intro (Part 2)

If you are stuck in these two areas of the brain, in order to stop yourself from thinking about your daily stresses of scarcity and doing a job you don’t want to do, you distract yourself with entertainment such as pointless TV shows, constant social media monitoring and regular nightly news. These are like mind-numbing drugs. This behaviour keeps you distracted from what’s really going on in your life and keeps you happy enough to live out your days, going through the monotonous grind of daily living. Rolling with the punches, paying your bills and going to work 9 to 5. Your only escape is a month’s holiday each year or the odd long weekend.

I’ve grown to learn that it is crazy to think that you are actually congratulated when you spend every cent you have to get approved for a home loan. You are congratulated for committing the next 30 years of your life to working nine hours a day and paying the bank hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. Don’t get me wrong; I am not against investing in property. But there is a huge difference in acquiring a property as a quality growth asset and buying a bad piece of real estate, just because you want to get an extra $5000 from the government by the end of financial year, or because the media has told you now is a good time to buy. Trust me on this one, because I did exactly that when I was 21.

This common belief of ‘success’ is basically a suppression of our natural abilities to achieve greatness, and this is a burden on the human race. There are far too many people in the world who hate what they do, hate the situation they are in, but are too scared to make a change because they are comfortable – change is scary and it is all just too hard. There always seems to be an excuse not to make a change in their lives.

The Industrial Revolution and how it supports the lower brain

To set the record straight, I am not a conspiracy theorist who thinks that there are special powers that be who deliberately set things up like this to enslave us. I think it is just how the world has evolved, and it is mainly due to the evolution of the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution is when businesses started to develop through machines replacing handmade processes. Back in the late 1700s, individuals with particular skills such as crafts would make a living selling their handmade products. For example, John, the shoemaker, would craft shoes by hand; he would make money for himself and his family selling these handcrafted shoes.

Basically, the Industrial Revolution was the creation of businesses that profit out of people’s skills by automating the processes of building products through large-scale manufacture. Simply put, it was about developing machines to create products that were once traditionally handmade so the turnaround time was faster and the price was cheaper than going to a local skilled person – a person building things by hand like John.

So now instead of selling his skills and selling the resources himself, John, the shoemaker, had to go work for Uncle Smith’s Shoe Company monitoring a machine that would mass-produce the shoes he once crafted by hand. John could now get a secure weekly income instead of having to sell his own skills, because he found he could no longer sell his resources as well as Uncle Smith’s Shoe Company. They could churn out better products at a faster pace and at a cheaper price.

Now John would go to work 9 to 5, have a lunch break and get his weekly wage so he could feed his family. However, now all of the profits would go to the ‘Uncle Smith’, the business owner. The economy boomed and the rest is history.

This worked well back then; people flourished and the standard of living increased incredibly. However, back then they were not facing problems such as inflation, which affects interest rates and the price of goods and services. They did not have to take out huge loans from the bank that took 30 years to pay off and still pay for all the daily things they have to pay for, such as petrol, food, utilities and high taxes.

Due to the revolution and new way of life, the systems that this new economy created were based around supporting this Industrial Age. The school systems were actually set up to get children ready for employment. We go to school 9 to 3, and we get a morning tea break, a lunch break, plus morning tea and lunch, which mirrors the 9 to 5.

We are also trained at an early age not to make mistakes, and we are graded poorly when we do. We get an F; we fail; we stay back a year. Mistakes cost business, if John, the shoemaker, made a mistake and broke something it would cost the company money. Mistakes are bad and frowned upon because mistakes equal lost profits.

However, an issue with mistakes being frowned upon is that it kills creativity. Mistakes are good: we learn from mistakes and we then get better. Mistakes should be encouraged as they teach our brain to look for answers and think outside the square, which is where creativity forms. If we are discouraged from making mistakes, we are not confident to try things, as we are worried about the repercussions more than the benefit of something working.

All these systems combined keep us using the lowest parts of our brain, the R-Complex and the Limbic System. Creativity is killed, resources are scarce and most of us are unfortunately not doing something we love each and every day.

Chap 2 (Intro)

It’s time to build your very own castle. That’s right, by the end of this chapter you will have a website that looks a million dollars and is set up on the best framework on the planet. You will also have a logo and branding that looks absolutely world class. Ten years ago this would have cost you upwards of $5000. Today, if you go to the wrong people you may still pay that much. I’ll tell you now you can do it all yourself and for less than $500.

If right now you are saying to yourself, “Mark, there’s no way I could actually build a website on my own”. Well, you are probably correct, but guess what? Neither can I. Remember, I am not a Web designer or a Web developer. I still hire these people and pay for these skills but in a way completely different to the traditional one. Look at it this way: What do you think a Web developer would prefer to do? Create a custom website and sell it to one client for $5000 or use the Web to sell that same site as a template to 1000 clients around the world for $50 each? Pretty simple maths I would say. There are hundreds of websites that sell websites en masse. You just need to know which site is best for your needs and what obstacles to look out for. Then it’s as simple as a few clicks to install, make a few of your own tweaks and you are away.

I have spoken at length about game changing and the reality is that if you don’t change with it, you are going to struggle in business. Many people put up this invisible barrier when it comes to technology because it is easier to just say it’s too hard and then pay someone else to do it. But by reading this chapter, you will quickly discover how easy it is to do it yourself. You will learn how to learn fast and by doing that you will be miles ahead of your friends and your competitors whose minds are still stuck in the boring world of traditional business.

Remember, there are video walkthroughs for every exercise in this book. You may want to stop after every section and watch the video, or you may want to read the whole thing and then watch all the videos at once. Just do whatever works best for you. Stick with me through this chapter and I promise you, you will never look back.

Chap 3 (Intro)

Up until about the past 10 years or so, content has only come to you filtered through traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers. The problem with this was that you would only receive information that either had some kind of hidden agenda behind it, or was negative in some way.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, nothing on mainstream news is put up there to benefit you at all. It is only there for either of two reasons: to make money or to drive fear. This lines up perfectly with the theory that greed and fear are the two things that make the world go round.

Try and think of the last time you heard something positive on mainstream news. I bet I can guess exactly what it was. It would have been a 20-second clip about a fireman saving a cat from a tree, and it would have been right at the end of the news, just before the weather. These little feel-good stories are just injected in there at the end so they are the last things you remember to give you a reason to watch the next night. As I said earlier, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am a huge advocate for not consuming any information from mainstream media whatsoever.

Here is a simple scientific explanation of why you should avoid it. As humans we have a neuron in our brain called the ‘mirror neuron’, which mimics exactly what we can see another person doing but within our brain. So, for example, if I see someone crying, the same neurons that are firing in their brain (negative emotions) would also be firing in my brain as if I were crying myself (even though I wasn’t). As a lot of spiritualists would suggest, this is our empathy.

Empathy is a very important human characteristic. If I saw a friend crying, I would feel for them and comfort them in some way. I could positively influence their feelings because I show my empathy towards their issues and help them get over their troubles.

However, by watching the news I am firing off these negative mirror neurons with no way that I can have an impact on people whom I am mirroring emotions for. If I see bad things happening in Kenya, the people affected aren’t in my sphere of influence for me to be able to make a positive emotional impact on. This then creates an emotional weight in my brain that I do not release and I keep just adding to through more and more negative news. This keeps you using the lower part of the brain because it activates your emotions.

If you are sceptical about this, I urge you to try it for one month. No reading newspapers, watching the news on TV or listening to commercial radio. I can absolutely guarantee you that after one month your head will be clearer, you will be more driven, focused and you will be able to learn 10 times faster than you have ever imagined. The best part is, because you won’t be wasting time filling your mind with junk, you will have much more time to dedicate to what it is you are trying to achieve with your 5MB. Instead of spending an hour watching and reading mainstream news each day, invest that time in reading news about your topic of your 5MB or researching how you can market it better. This is an investment in yourself and is something you have control over, rather than an investment in negative world issues that you have absolutely no control of. There is something so liberating about hearing a conversation about a terrible story that is going around mainstream media and knowing absolutely nothing about it. It happens to me all the time and the first time it happens to you, I hope you will think about this exact moment as you raise a cheeky smile.

By now you can probably see where I am headed with this. Yes, with the explosion of the Internet and social media, the power has shifted from the mainstream media outlets, right back into your hands. I explained earlier how Google has given the power back to the people by giving preference to bloggers in its search rankings and this is no coincidence. Perhaps Google knows that a huge part of the fall of the Industrial Revolution is the fall of mainstream media. It won’t be long until you have complete control over what you watch on TV or which articles you read. It will just be a choice of what information you choose to consume over the Internet.

What does this mean for your 5MB?

It means that you now have more power than ever before. Through the advent of platforms such as YouTube, WordPress, Podomatic, iTunes and the hundreds of other content platforms out there, you now hold as much power as every TV presenter, network boss or CEO. By leveraging these platforms to create valuable content for your 5MB, you will begin to position yourself as a key person of influence in your chosen niche. People will start asking for your advice, they will want to start paying you for your time and advertisers will want to pay you to have ads on your site, you will start getting invited to speak at events and attend industry parties, along with heaps of other amazing things. If you’re selling a service with your 5MB, I would highly recommend reading Daniel Priestley’s book Become a Key Person of Influence.

Creating content for your business has replaced sales calls, newspaper ads and direct marketing. Many of the more traditional business type people will argue that cold calling and cold marketing still have a place in the world, but trust me, that crap is dead. Look at it this way: a few years ago, John, the shoemaker, would have bought the BBQ that Greg, the salesman from Barbeques Galore, was trying to sell him. This is because Greg would have had superior knowledge of all the features that the BBQ had and he would have known which words to use and how to close the deal. But now, John, the shoemaker, has already done his research on Google. He has found an article from a local home handyman site that tells him that Greg’s BBQ isn’t the best value for money. He can get nearly exactly the same BBQ for half the price from another store. It is a common occurrence these days that the buyer has more information on the product than the salesman.

So what you need to do is take a step back in the process and become the person who provides the buyer with the information.

If you ask anyone who has ever ran any business where most of their leads come from, they will tell you that 80 per cent of the time they come from word of mouth. Well, word of mouth is now on steroids. Yes, word of mouth is now hanging out with Lance Armstrong. Through creating content you have the opportunity to create a word-of-mouth machine that generates more qualified leads than you can handle. Does that sound game changing enough for you?

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James Tuckerman (Chief Editor Anthill Magazine, Venture Capitalist)

James Tuckerman (Chief Editor Anthill Magazine, Venture Capitalist)

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Sydney Morning Herald

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Daniel Priestley (International Best Selling Author of Key Person of Influence)

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Andrew Griffiths (Australia's #1 Small Business Author)

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David Longfield (Longueville Media)

David Longfield (Longueville Media)

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Maria McMahon (Amazon Customer)

Maria McMahon (Amazon Customer)

I read it (5 Minute Business) in one sitting and then shortly after, sent the details to my brother, who promptly bought it from Amazon and loved it! As we are about to embark on setting up a business, I'm sure that Mark has already saved us thousands of Dollars, hours, mistakes and heartaches! The book is chock full of simple to follow advice, links and tactics that my brother is already well into! It has already become his 'Business Bible!' If you know nothing about internet marketing, then you simply MUST save yourself a whole lot of trouble by buying this little gem - it's worth is weight in gold!

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

I am in love with this book. I've read it twice. Great info. So practical. When he says it, it just makes sense!

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